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Frontend Development Consulting

Frontend Development Consulting

We are the professional frontend development company offering frontend development services to create secure, robust, and custom apps for numerous organizations in all domains. We prefer using the latest platforms and tools such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Reach, Vue, Socket.io, D3, and others to develop and design the best user-friendly interface.

We use frontend development methodologies, coding standards, and programming practices and involve UX/UI design in every phase of the application development life-cycle, ensuring that the end-user requirements are crucial to the entire app development process. Our professional and certified developers are experienced in developing high-functionality applications for all users.

Our Frontend Development Process

Every step takes you close to your dreams coming true. Here is the process that we use in our frontend development process:

Project requirements: Our team assigns one person to get all the project requirements.

Prototyping and wireframing: The next step includes prototyping and wireframing so that the customers get an idea of how the screen will look.

Use cases: The project functionality and features are drafted in the use case file.

Design: When our client approves the prototypes, we work on designing the app.

Project plan: We manage the project through project management tools.

Agile development: After this, the project goes into the development phase, where our team puts in their efforts.

QA and testing: Automated and manual QA checks are run post the development stage.

Release: The product is released or made love where the users can access it.

Support and maintenance: This step includes the post-application launch as per the enhancement, quality support, and requirement maintenance services are delivered.

Technologies Included in Frontend App/Web Development

CSS means Cascading Style Sheets; it is the language used to format how HTML elements must look in the web browser. Usually, if we talk about how the app or website looks like, we are talking about different styles, and if we talk about styles, it means we are talking about CSS. A CSS is not a big scale.css file; it is scalable; however, the module-based solutions are easy to involve in the system, together with JavaScript and HTML.

HTML5 HTML is similar to other programming languages. While HTML is not as trendy and loud as other JS frameworks or frontend languages, it is the basic building block of every app/website you know. Without HTML5, it is not possible to harness the benefits of more reliable solutions and tools. It is the building block used to demonstrate how static pages appear like.

JavaScript It is a true synonym of ‘frontend development.’ The potentials it offers are just fantastic! When you enter data or press a button in the webform, JavaScript does its magic to make different things happen. You should be thankful to JavaScript; the web apps and websites are user-friendly, flexible, and dynamic; however, most significantly – they work! JavaScript can do the job irrespective of the browser you use, increasing customer satisfaction.

Vue.js Vue is introduced recently; it took the frontend development domain by the storm and is now renowned as the best choice regarding the JavaScript framework. It has an effortless syntax structure and easy to understand, which makes the process smooth. Besides, it has incredible architecture and documentation that leads to unparalleled robustness, speed, performance, and flexibility of an app built with Vue.js.

Angular The frontend developers prefer numerous frameworks that help to build software, and Angular is one of them. Angular is used to create scalable, robust, dynamic, responsive frontend solutions as it is the most popular tool. Announced by Google, it works best specifically in large projects of IT. This is a powerful tool for implementing dynamic dashboards, employing injection patterns, and quick action performance.

D3 is the JavaScript library for visualizing frontend data using numerous web standards. It helps bring data to life with HTML, Canvas, and SVG. D3 combines strong interaction and visualization techniques with the data-driven approach, offering the full capability of the latest browsers and the liberty to design the best visual interface for your statistics.

React It is another open-source library of JavaScript used by numerous developers to manage the view layer of the applications. It is effortless to develop reusable components of User Interface with React, which are isolated and small code pieces used to create a complicated solution. Besides, use React to make content-rich applications that can exchange data without reloading the complete page every time. The interfaces are simple yet fast and scalable, thanks to React.

Socket.io It is responsible for implementing the browser socket communication via the Socket.io server. The developers include the Socket.io JavaScript file, which shows a link to the Socket.io server and makes the client socket objects. The server objects support both the standalone implementation and the capability to use it along with the framework. When the server object is set, it will also be liable for serving the socket client of JavaScript file for the browser.

Front-End as a Key Element of Web/App Development

Undoubtedly, an intuitive interface adapted to the users’ expectations and needs has a profound impact on the way customers perceive the service or the product. Using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and its numerous frameworks, professional frontend developers can make miracles!

On our website, we believe that the best software is the one that has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Our experienced and skilled team consists of individuals who love designs. It is not only the cake frosting for us; it is the building block we cannot go without. We know that while working with the use of the latest technologies, we enable our team to build software and reflect trends without any creativity.

From colors and fonts to animations, sliders, and menus – everything people see and interact with should be well-thought. That’s why we have a team that can cover all the aspects, including frontend development, UX/UI, and graphic designing. Choose us today to build your web apps according to your taste and choice.