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The smart application of Global Technology services (IT sector) in every company is becoming increasingly critical and increasingly of strategic importance. Therefore, you must provide a IT strategy and IT vision that fits well with your business tactics. One that is understandable and guiding for every individual in the company. Only then everyone in your company can come to know how to get involved in this and help increase your company's agility. Questions that are currently topical and live with technology services professionals, managers, directors, and advisers are, for example:

  • What exactly do digital transformation and digital disruption mean, what can this mean for your business, and how do you offer this subject a place in the company's information technology services and IT strategy?
  • How will you make sure that your organization can change much faster and, to this end, embrace advanced technology services efficiently, effectively, and quickly to stay ahead of your competitors?
  • Which IT organization, IT competencies, and IT governance will you need in the upcoming time to be able to adequately control the significant acceleration and quality of new functionalities and application platforms to support your business processes?
  • How do you prevent the imminent proliferation of loose 'Application Cloud' solutions and initiatives that will form new compartmentalization and hinder integrated, efficient, and effective collaboration?
  • How can global technology services be utilized to create predictive analyses and dashboards that adequately inform advisors and decision-makers about the advancement of the deployed business strategy and IT strategy and help them make choices to manage adequately?

Learning from the past

The unique IT vision forms the basis for our approach. It stems from learning from the past: the historical perspective, combined with our core competencies, smart, data-driven, and agile organizations, and our insight into evolving IT trends (the building blocks of digital disturbance). Once again, every company's IT domain is facing a novel turning point from a historical viewpoint. All the more reasons to recalibrate your IT strategy and IT vision for your company.

Historical Perspective of Global Technology Services

The importance of IT for any company has grown significantly over the years. The matter can also be described by the stages that firms have gone through in the past period. Here is the list that shows the four steps schematically.

Each company has gone through different stages of global technology services delivery. These stages roughly cover a period of 5 or more years and are also getting shorter. You cannot link them hard to a time slot because it can differ per company when the transition to the subsequent stage is taken.

  • Stage 1: IT entirely is based on information technology services
    In this stage, the emphasis of IT is entirely on information technology. Based on its advanced technology services expertise, IT leads in selecting, making available, and keeping applications and technology to support business operations. At this stage, the use of new technology is mainly driven by cost savings. Reporting focuses on different service levels that offer insight into the robustness and availability of accessible technologies.
  • Stage 2: providing service-oriented facilities
    In this stage, the focus shifts from IT to providing a service-oriented facility. The business will be more in the lead, and information technology will listen better to the requirements of departments and users. The use of novel and global technology innovation is driven more by the ease of use in addition to cost savings. Satisfaction reporting is added to the service levels.
  • Stage 3: Cloud and new IT services
    In this stage, the focus shifts to accelerating the delivery of the latest services, for example, by applying Cloud-based resolutions. The business is yet in the lead, and information technology is increasingly able to listen to the requirements of the users and departments. The use of novel technology is driven by cost savings, ease of use, and delivery speed and size. Reports become more extensive. In addition to service satisfaction and service levels, you will also provide metrics about the delivery scope and speed.
  • Stage 4: proactive recommendations on IT trends
    In stage 4, the focus shifts again. The company and IT must do the work together to give direction to developing information technology services. The company should and must continue to define needs and collect them more structurally from its clients. IT should advise the company more actively on new developing IT trends and quality technology services. The use of the latest technology can be driven by cost savings, ease of use, delivery scope, and speed, increasing the company's additional value. The reports are being extended to provide knowledge of innovation power in addition to service levels, satisfaction, and delivery scope/speed.

Develop a vision of IT

In the coming period, the anticipated role of central technology services will shift from service provider to digital transformation advisor and 'business enablers.' In order to optimally fulfill this new role in the future, other competencies in the IT firm are required, or you must further develop these competencies, namely in the field of:

  • Architecture and Security
  • Business Analytics and Data Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Scrum and Agile Way of Working
  • IT (Innovation)
  • Change Management

In ancient times, 90% of the internal resources were financed in 'run the business' and almost 10% in renewal. The turnaround is needed where 90% of the internal IT resources are spent on renewal and company alignment' and still only 10% to 'run the business.'

Our approach for better IT and Global Technology Services

Many businesses struggle with where to start and how to make a turnaround. By performing structured analysis - through workshops to collect and organize information effectively and efficiently - you can help your company make a tailor-made IT vision and IT strategic plan for your personal situation. Naturally, it is possible to provide an analysis and improvement plan in areas such as digital disruption and IT innovation, Business Intelligence, Big data and data science, IT governance, and IT organization or process management.

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