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Mobile Consulting Solutions

The developers from Global Technology Services are professionals in mobile application development, ensuring that the application provides a pleasant experience for users on each mobile device.

Our developers can help you with all the wishes you have:

  • Native apps
  • Cross-platform apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • Smart TV apps
  • AR/VR apps

Life Cycle of Mobile Application Development

1. Beginning and Requirements Analysis
At this step the application requirements are analyzed. For the success of the application can be analyzed the competition so the product to be developed will be better. Basic requirements such as development technology, terms and conditions and others are established.

2. Technical Requirements Documentation
At this step, the development team must create the technical requirements and detail the possible problems that may arise for the project to be successfully completed.

3. Prototyping
At this step, the basic functionality such as the visual part, certain templates and future app skins will be created.

4. Development & Testing
The developers work on frontend and backend. When the functionality is ready, testing team checks the functionality in detail to find possible glitches. Iterates until the application reaches a release form..

5. Release, Maintenance and Support
This is the final step when the application is published and reaches end users.

Get A Free Consultation For Your Mobile Application

Our experts work closely with your team to cover all needs and for the development of high quality applications depending on your budget and calendar. Schedule a free consultation today so you can understand your mobile application development needs and help you to meet your goals.