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Skills to be a Successful SAP MM Consultant

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Material Management (SAP MM) is a module in SAP that allows businesses to keep track of their materials and inventory. As a SAP MM consultant, your task is to help customers use the SAP MM system to streamline their material and inventory management processes. The skills listed below are vital to being successful in this role. Be sure to highlight these same skills on your resume and during interviews:

Essential SAP MM Consultant Skills for Your CV And Career

Master Data

Master data is the same, consistent, and cohesive identifiers and extended attributes that describe a company's fundamental entities, such as business objects, chart of accounts, hierarchies, locations, vendors, citizens, prospects, and customers. Master data helps to improve data quality and may assist with the reduction of data maintenance across multiple sources by centralizing it all. Centralized master data allows businesses to set up dedicated data governance and compliance procedures.

The following is a list of how master data is utilized in SAP MM consultant resumes:

  • Developing and executing plans to convert the company's material and vendor data
  • Converting legacy material master data into a new system
  • End-user training for purchasing officers and material master data administrators on how to use the system
  • Configuring and managing module materials like inventory management, purchasing, and master data
  • Setting up variant configuration master data. This includes various configuration profiles, classes, and characteristics

Business Process

A business process includes a series of tasks completed by employees to achieve an end goal that offers value to customers. A company defines this type of process and the expected outcome before work begins. This way, everyone understands the parameters they need to stay within, and what successful completion looks like.

Below are examples of how the business process is utilized on sap mm consultant resumes:

  • Analyzing business and functional requirements to identify potential alternatives and the best-reviewed technology solution to meet business process
  • Business process study, design, blueprinting, and configuration for purchasing, inventory management, and warehouse management modules
  • Taking business requirements and turning them into process documents, lists of processes, then finally configuration files and objects that can be used in the SAP software
  • The task of reviewing the enterprise structure benefits realization strategy, business process designs document, and baseline configurations
  • Configuring partner functionality for credit card vendors not only streamlined business processes but also held vendors accountable in a more efficient way


A logistics solution is a package of services and procedures for resolving an issue. This solution is often associated with a complicated business process because certain activities require meticulous planning. Logistics are also employed in combat situations.

Here's how SAP MM consultant resumes use logistics:

  • Creating and leading business workshops to establish the technical parameters of logistics solutions, carrying out project methodology, and assessing and adjusting implemented solutions.
  • Determination and configuration of shipping points to customize shipment conditions, loading groups, and organizational structures
  • Participating in meetings with various businesses to examine and document the company's needs for Order Management and Logistics
  • Preparing configuration and testing of the complete P2P process, from determining needs through logistics invoice verification
  • Working with Logistics Invoice Verification, as well as automatic invoice settlements using Evaluated Receipt Settlements (ERS)


MRP (Material Requirements Planning) refers to a system used in manufacturing activities planning and management. Manufacturers may use MRP systems to schedule production with ease, as well as inventory. Most MRP systems are software-based, although the method can also be done manually.

Here's how MRP can be used on a sap mm consultant resume:

  • Setting up the manual and automatic account determination, invoice verification, split valuation, and MRP (including enhancement and customization) in MM
  • Planning run for technical and business information, as well as planned purchases and MRP list evaluations
  • Configuring numerous Forecast parameters and MRP procedures
  • Implementing process for MRP with Discrete Manufacturing Make to Order (MTO) scenario based on demand from sales orders
  • Maintaining the BOM and assisting with special procurement keys in MRP and costing views for accurate pricing throughout various factories


ECC memory, or Error correction code memory, is a type of computer data storage that uses an error correction code (ECC) to identify and correct data corruption in memory. ECC is employed in places where data corruption, such as infrastructural memory caches, industrial control applications, and critical databases, cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. Most non-ECC memory cannot detect errors; however, some non-ECC memory with parity support permits detection but not correction.

ECC is SAP MM consultant's most popular tool, and here's how they use it:

  • Working on implementing ECC 5.0 in a SNF project for Purchasing and Inventory Management, producing configuration documentation, and baselining configurations.
  • Creating a set of necessary specifications for syndicating master data for materials/vendors/customers and linking it with ECC
  • Completing the ECC interface with third-party warehouse management systems
  • Planning and testing for an upgrade from R/3 4.6C to ECC 6.0, as well as its interfacing capabilities with other systems in the landscape

Purchase Requisition

A purchase requisition is an employee-generated document that requests a purchase of items/services on behalf of the company.

Below is what roles are included in the purchase requisition for a SAP MM consultant:

  • Designing and configuring the release strategy for purchase requisitions, PO confirmations, account determinations, classification process, and different types of materials
  • Configuring automated purchase and purchase requisitions ordering by assigning processing requisitions based on info records.
  • Configuring purchase orders and purchase requisitions, Source Determination, Info records, Release procedures and Purchase order processing
  • Purchase Requisition release strategy and classification approach for a single type of material and purchasing group
  • Setting up the release strategy with classification for purchase requisition, purchase order, contract, and scheduling agreement

These skills are required to be a SAP MM consultant. Moreover, the job outlook for a career in this field is quite good. So, if you have the required skills, then go ahead and apply for the job of your dreams!

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