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Dedicated Development Team

A team of several people, offered by the software development vendor, is a dedicated development team with predefined skill sets and qualifications to manage existing and ongoing development responsibilities for your business. Well! A trustworthy development tram supplements or augments present onsite development capabilities.

The dedicated developers usually agree to the operational framework that offers regular communication, transparency, and visibility. It may involve increment-based work, periodic reports, demos, pre-sprint planning, weekly and monthly updates, and daily meetings.

How Dedicated Development Team Differs?

  • Decrease time spent on recruitment Well! The time to hire a software developer is around 1.5 months. The dedicated development team offers you the best staff, who are ready to start your work within no time. This team will take care of handpicking developers and recruitment as per your requirements.
  • Enhance your development capacity with the best talent You need to hire some senior developers with solid experience and advanced degrees in your field. The team does not just write code and receive tasks; they consider in terms of solutions, values, and resolving real issues.
  • Be flexible with the team size You can increase or decrease the team size with one month's notice without being anxious about the firing procedure. Besides, request part-time workers to do a particular duty in the technology outside the tech stack.
  • Reduce your expenses Outsourcing to the development team can save you from paying for coffee, equipment, workspaces, offices, etc. Besides, the hourly rates of software developers are reasonable to pay for.
  • Get a dedicated full-time development team The developers offer you full-time work solely depending on your objectives. They are dedicated to your work and are highly involved in your success rate. This team can be an integral part of your business.

Benefits of the Dedicated Development Team Model

  • A cost-effective substitute of the in-house team The numbers may differ; however, the average in-house cost is 70 $ per hour, whereas the outsourced dedicated development team amount is 35 $ per hour. But you can easily find an outsourcing vendor that is not cheap to work with, but they are ensured to offer the efficacy you cannot reach with the in-house team.
  • Transparent communication and management The outsource dedicated development team is similar to the in-house staff that works separately. You are managing that team, and it includes a lot of regular communication. Besides, you are always aware of the work your team is doing.
  • A committed team that implements your culture Well! The new workers must know about your objectives and help drive them towards the desired goal. You may expect the same from your outsourcing team, and a dedicated team can be likely to implement your culture and value your organization.
  • No-fuss hiring Usually, the vendor has numerous experts you can choose candidates from. It offers you access to the talents or skillset that you are demanding to find otherwise. When a dedicated team requires you to be included in the hiring procedure, your job is to select the individuals that fit the business values best from the shortlist.

The Setup Process of Dedicated Development Team

  • Get requirements After gathering all the requirements, the team starts your work, including the desired workflow, team size, job descriptions, and project descriptions to find out the right people for your company's project.
  • Assemble the team If the team has some experts in-house, they can start your work instantly. If the crew does not have the desired aptitude, they hire additional people who may take around one month. If you want the team to work fast, they may have some remote dedicated development teams to start the work within a week.
  • Talent selection The HR staff of the dedicated development team evaluates people to learn the soft skills, English level, tech skills, and background and then chooses the best-fit person for the final interview.
  • Integrate the team Depending on the years of experience, the development team painlessly and smoothly integrates their team into your existing project. You have the choice to pick the best management tools and approach. It is suggested to meet with the team in person by getting them to your workplace or visiting their office.

Things to Know Before Hiring a Dedicated Team

  • Know about the software development process You must know all the details of the software development process. Be aware of the vendor's duties and on your side to get rid of any misunderstanding or conflict on a high level.
  • Understand what your professionals can do Well! During an interview and actual task on the project, figure the abilities of your experts. Similar to the in-house team, they can be beneficial in other projects, and understanding the personal skills of your team participants save time in the future!
  • Don't forget to sign a NDA In 2021, the protection of confidential and intellectual property information is essential. The issue of security and trust is among the risks of outsourcing. To ensure it will not be an issue, review the policy and NDA before starting the process relevant to the development. Bear in mind that there is an option to sign the personal NDA with every hired professional.

Whether you have a staff of in-house developers or do not have any, a dedicated development team is the best choice for creating your products. If you do not have more budget, have no idea about the requirements; however, still, need to take on the journey of a long-term project; you must give this team a try! Some projects, such as Machine Learning-powered, disclose the actual requirements after effort and time spent on discovery.